Specialty Foods

Specialty Foods

Breakfast Tacos & More To-Go in San Antonio, TX

Here at El Mucho Taco Plus we're known for our amazing breakfast tacos! But with our expansive menu, you may not know what every single dish is!  Don't worry, read below to find out more about our specialty foods, and find that perfect meal. If you're still not sure, don't hesitate to ask our staff, or have us make a recommendation! Enjoy the finest breakfast tacos, fresh menudo, and beef or chicken fajitas in San Antonio, TX! We look forward to serving you at El Mucho Taco Plus.

Breakfast Tacos

Though Austin may be the Texas city most famous for breakfast tacos, our San Antonio restaurant's offerings are no slouch! Breakfast tacos are a unique dining option, blending signature tastes associated with traditional breakfast items with the style and fixings of Mexican tacos. Classically made with Chorizo (pork sausage),  our Mexican restaurant offers a variety of ingredients to put in the tortilla, such as potato, bacon, egg, beans, papa ranchera, and more. When you're craving a super-stuffed breakfast taco, choose El Mucho Taco Plus!

Beef or Chicken Fajitas 

Your choice of chicken or beef, fajitas are essentially deconstructed tacos. With your choice of flour or corn tortillas, chicken or beef, you will receive a sizzling plate of a variety of ingredients such as lettuce, tomato, guacamole, beans and more! 

Fresh Menudo

Fresh Menudo is a traditional, low calorie soup, that utilizes the stomach lining of a cow or sheep as it's main ingredient. Ingredients can vary depending on the chef, but mainly contain onions, garlic, dried chilies and hominy. 
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